Friday, November 28, 2014

Being Me

Photos by Dalillah Ismail

A lot has changed since my last proper post. I turned a year older, got a little wiser (i hope) and my personal style has changed. If you are an old reader, you can probably see the change. I love my neutrals more than ever now. It's a rare occasion to see me in bright colours. Recently, I gravitate towards looser silhouette, masculine and simple pieces.

My outfits are not documented in this space because I fear nobody will enjoy it. Not everyone accepts change easily. I went on a brunch date with a few fashionable friends and I felt a little under dressed, wearing the above outfit. As with all my outfits, I dare not publish it because I felt that it was too simple. Then my girlfriend reminded me that this is me. I don't have to feel as such as long as I am true to myself. This outfit may look very boring and simple but it has my name written all over it.

Top : H&M
Skirt : Bangkok
Shoes : Topshop
Bag : The Editor's Market


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