Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Adieu 2014

Today, is the last day of 2014.
It has been a wonderful year, Alhamdulillah. I took time off certain things and enjoyed life simply. I wanted to travel and travel I did. Also, my status changed from single to engaged. I found another love other than the love of my life. I discovered a beautiful friendship. One of which I cannot let go. I found my truest style and crushing on black all over again. I felt a sense of fulfilment at work, achieving success with my little butterflies. I will not change a single thing that has happened this year.
I hope for a better year in 2015, InsyaAllah. I can't promise a regularly updated blog but if you ever miss me, you can always find me on Instagram.
Happy New Year
Top : Uniqlo
Skirt: Cloud9Studio (Insta shop)
Shawl: Saharashawl
Shoes: Converse 
Watch: Swatch
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