Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello For Now

It sure is super dusty in here! I have abandoned this space for a very long time. I took a break during Ramadhan and Eid. InsyaAllah I will be back for good. If not, you can always find me on instagram @nurfatiin. I feel guilty for always uploading my outfits on instagram instead of the blog. It is very convenient to take a picture on your smartphone, edit it and post it on instagram in five minutes flat. No wonder fashiongrammers are sprouting like mushrooms.

Let me apologise to you in advance in case I go missing yet again. If you miss me, you know where to find me! If I am not blogging, I am busy enjoying life. 

Pants : Mango
Outerwear : H&M
Footwear : Zara


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