Sunday, April 19, 2015

Keepin' it Cash

Keeping it casual, looking like a ninja (sort of). 

A few days ago, as I was scrolling my Twitter feeds, I came across an article by Popsugar. Something about Kendall Jenner starting the layering pants trend. Actually, no. This layered pants trend has been a staple in some parts of Indonesia. In fact, the bloggers from Bandung, Indonesia has been rocking the layered look since forever. When I was there, I bought two of these pants. I have been wearing this layered pants look for a while now. 

Therefore Kendall, I am sure you are not this particular trendsetter.

*Pardon the trashy background. If I painstakingly edit it out, the probability of me publishing this post is low. So enjoy the picture in all it's glory!

Top : The Editor's Market
Pants : Bysi
Shoes : Topshop
Shawl : Muji SG
Watch : Swatch
On lips : MAC (Hang Up)


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