I have been cutting up too many pieces of clothing these days. Last week, if you do follow me on Instagram, you would have known ...

I have been cutting up too many pieces of clothing these days. Last week, if you do follow me on Instagram, you would have known that i turned my never-used-before crochet vest, added strands of yarn, into a fringed crochet vest. Just yesterday, I cut a never-worn-before tubed jumpsuit and turned it into a highwaisted flared pants. The jumpsuit was way too long and i did not want to alter its length. So i cut off its tubed piece, added an elastic band, hand stitch the piece and it was totally a success. 

I love the pants. It moves with every step I take. I like the flare of the pants. It is super flattering on me. I find that some flare or palazzo pants don't flatter me at all. It makes me bottom heavy which is why I usually skip on them. Oh, and just this morning, I took out the red shawl I used in my Youtube tutorial, and cut it lengthwise. I have the habit of using my shawls as fabric for DIY projects. 

Have an awesome weekend and thank you for reading.
I am really grateful I have awesome readers. Thank you so much. It has motivated me to continue.
I love all of you.

Top : Cropped oatmeal sweater @ Forever21
Bottom : Reconstructed pants 
Bag : Leopard siamese clutch
Shoes : Platforms @ Mondo


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  1. Hi fatin..

    Hw do u style ur shawl in this post?

    1. Hi there =)

      I actually literally copied Hana Tajima's tutorial.

      And i actually cut my shawl into the length Hana suggested.

  2. i love the print of your pants!! and the small pockets of your sweater! cute outfit =)

    1. I love the prints too! One of the many reasons why I got it.

  3. Replies
    1. I would love to take credit for it but i really can't! Because all I did was cut and sew it back! hehe.

  4. Hey there, you make tudungs (is that how you spell it?) look really beautiful in daily outfits. Your blog is truly an inspiration, especially for all the muslim ladies out there. :)

    1. yes! that's how you spell it! :))
      Thank you so much. It'll be cooler if my outfits can be appreciated by the non-wearers. Thank you still!

  5. Super cute and I love the print on your pants! I get "scissor" happy from time to time and reconstruct pieces to make new pieces. It's an awesome way to recycle clothes!

  6. OMG so pretty!! Your blog is really fascinating and the photos are gorgeous!!
    Follow each other? :))


  7. Super gorgeous prints on your pants! Stumbled onto your blog thru Uli's.


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