It feels like forever since I updated this blog. Last week has been a really long week. I had slight food poisoning on Tuesda...

It feels like forever since I updated this blog. Last week has been a really long week. I had slight food poisoning on Tuesday, got a fever on Thurs. And now, I am nursing a cough, a runny nose and a very bad headache. But you know, there are certain kinds of fever. One where you can't get out of bed and another one where you can do everything but your body feels heavy. So mine happened to be the latter.

Last week, I planned a picnic by the beach with the boyfriend. It has been forever since we did that. We used to go picnic on a monthly basis. So I decided to cook something simple and were very excited to lay our mat. When we're there over at East Coast Park, the weather seems fickle. It was bright one moment and dark the next. We decided not to take the risk and ended up having picnic right next to the car so that it will be easier to throw everything in if it starts pouring. Hee.

It is already April! 
What happy things have you done for yourself the past three months? 
Share with me! Would love to hear what many of you have been up to. 

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Top : Striped top @ Newlook
Bottom : Regular jeans
Shoes : Pumps @ Far East Plaza
Bag : Lemon clutch @ Kitschen
Accessories : Chameleon, Aries


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  1. I like your outfit, especially the striped top :)

    1. hehe thank you Laila! I bought this a year ago and this is the first time i wore it out. I have always believed that stripes makes me appear fatter so i put this at the very back of my closet. Glad i took it out!


  2. Your outfit is really cute, I love this shirt!
    xx J.

  3. awe. sorry to hear about all the sicknesses you have been experiencing. i hope you are feeling better =)
    love the outfit and fun pictures! i wish i had someone to follow me around and takes pics but i am always on the go and usually on my own so it's really hard for me to do that.

    anyways, feel better! drink lots of water.

    1. Aww thank you. I feel so horrible now at work! And yeah, I don't know how I will end up if my boyfriend doesn't help me. That's why i make it a point to only do an outfit post on weekends when i am out with him. hee.


  4. Hi, may I ask how tall are you? And where do you usually buy your platforms/ heels from? I like platforms! But I think I'm not ready to wear them yet. Plus I'm turning 19 this year, do you think it's appropriate for me to wear them at this age? Any advice? Sorry, too many questions. But I'd love to hear from you! You have a great fashion sense, and you're cool! :D

    1. Hi there!
      I am definitely not tall. I am somewhere around 158 - 160cm. I buy my shoes anywhere and everywhere. I am not particular about brands although I do wish I can own at least one expensive pair. My Lita doesnt count though. hee.

      Why don't you try flatforms before transitioning to platform heels? Flatforms are as flat as your normal flats but with added height. Its the pink sandal ones you see in my posts.

      19 is the perfect age to start wearing heels of any kind! M first elevated shoe, which is a flatform, was at the age of 10. I moved on to my first 3 inch at 14.

      And thank you so much! Would be nice if you could leave me your name :)
      Good Luck!
      Hope to hear from you soon!


  5. Wow! For me that height is quite tall already! ;)And thank you for the words! :D Yeah, I've seen flatforms too! And I think I'll try that one first someday! :)

    Hehe, I very shy to use my name. Nvm, I'll leave as anonymous for now. Hehe xP

    Btw, it's really nice to get a reply from you! :)

  6. Love the stripes and that scarf and bag! So pretty :)


  7. Hi do you do tutorials on the way you don your hijab? In love with it. 😍


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