Raining Sunshine

I'm psyched that today is Sunday. Hooray for long weekend. My week was pretty short, ending on the Wednesday. W...

I'm psyched that today is Sunday. Hooray for long weekend. My week was pretty short, ending on the Wednesday. We had the school annual sports meet on Thursday and it was fun being one with the children. Screamed and shouted like I was a 12 year old. I had forgotten that I am a decade older. Its weird that I truly felt like a student at that moment. Screamed victoriously when my house came in Champion although that happiness was short lived. 

The weather was extremely hot that i got dizzy spells and shivered in cold when it was excruciatingly hot. Any longer under the sun, I would have collapsed. Apart from all that drama, my week was great especially ending it with a date with my favourite man.  

How did you spend your long weekend?
 Do share with me!

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Outerwear: Military inspired parka
Bottom: Maroon jeans @ Newlook
Bag: Rubi crossbody as clutch
Shoes: Pink moccasin @ Rubi
Arm Party: DIY bracelets, DIva, Forever21


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  1. hi fatin! love these colors together! very bold of you!
    my weekend was short. i spent saturday doing some spring cleaning. cleaned out our closets and laundry room. and today was spent with family for easter sunday!

    sounds like you had a fun and eventful weekend =)
    happy easter!

  2. Replies
    1. oh yeahhhhhhhhh my comment got through..=P

    2. Haha yes!! Yeyy!!

      Hmm yeah its somewhat peachy. Hehe.

  3. Mine was good too, I had all the past week with holidays ehhe (I'm from Spain :))
    I love your outfit it's really awesome!


  4. Love your outfit! Especially your awesome pink shoes & your bag.
    Im so jealous. Here in Holland it is so cold and it is raining. :(


  5. I'm loving how you put your pieces together!
    And I'm actually in love with how you put on your tudung.
    Is it possible if you do up a post showing how you do up your tudung?
    Thank you!

    Keep on with the awesome outfits! Couldn't express how much I love them!

  6. you have a lovely style! enjoyed your looks, and you are a delightful girl. :) you have a new follower on google, and hoping to stay connected. :)


  7. Hi
    Please can you show us how you do your hijbas. Love how you style it. Make an tutorial. Would appreciate that

  8. yaa i agreed! i wanna watch ur hijab tutorial :)


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