Saturday, May 26, 2012

No shopping challenge

I did not realise how extreme the condition of my room was until my sister took a picture of it and showed it to me. My room has become, literally, a walk in closet. I have clothes, bags, shoes, unopened boxes of shoes, clothes still in their carriers in all corners of my room. My wardrobe has no more space and I just have them all unattended in parts of my room. I realised, maybe, that I have tonnes of things and I should stop buying more. Been saying that for a million years. However this time, I am going to make it official. By official, I mean I am going to start on the No Shopping Challenge.

The No Shopping Challenge for 1 year is a little too far fetched for me so I have decided to halt my shoppin activities for a month starting Monday. Now, no shopping here is not limited to clothing items only. This means, I have to stop going to handystores and buy ridiculous things. Sometimes I get the pleasure of buying scissors. Just purchasing something makes me feel better.

So has anybody tried the no shopping challenge? Were you successful?
If you haven't, why not do it together with me. It is always a lot better knowing that someone else is doing it too. Leave your responses below!



  1. Goodluck with your room! I've never tried the no shopping thing! It sounds so hard especially if you come to a season that you don't have clothes for! But seeing as you have so many things maybe you have everything you need!

    1. Here our clothes serves us all year round! We don't have seasons. Just rain or shine. Really hope i will pull through this challenge. I already feel like crying knowing i can't shop.

  2. Hi fatin! I got instantly attracted when I read your subject post. Exactly what I am working on right now! I too just post up a blog post on saving and a similar topic on shopping! We can team up and then get more girls or guys shopper to team up too! Just some crazy idea lah! What say you? Hehehe

  3. Fatin.... how should u have this challenge like now???? its GSS la dear....i suggest with that lovely scissors u should cut ur plastic sound evil hah...take it as a positive note.dont do that!!

    take it as a taubat nasuha challenge,with the unique phrasing...u will never go wrong

    Step 1
    Top up ur essential stuff like ez link, pocket money etc..

    step 2
    Surrender ur lovely cards (credit,debit) to ur trusted love ones

    Step 3
    Spend ur leisure time at home zombiefied from the plesure of malls town area etc.stay home baking, korean drama ...

    Step 4
    change ur way of satisfaction of spending to something for me i treat myself with home creative

    Love AJ

  4. Only a month? Litterally a walk in closet? U should donate it to charity and be thankful with what you have.. No shopping for a month is sucha pc of cake. Donate it to charity an be thankful not always buy things and keeps on buying stuff that you dont need. Its bulan rejab. U should donate more.i suggest you should stop complaining.

  5. hi sister! that's surely gonna be tough. instead of holding back your shopping desire, why not just save your money. by that, you will be like "i have to save up, i can't spend anymore money". that works for me. or make your parents cut your budget. lol! that's pretty much what my parents do to me. anyhow goodluck!

  6. Hi Fatin, been a silent reader of your blog and I feel this time I need to tell u my tots n give u some encouragement. I salute u for taking on this challenge cuz I have been saying the same thing but I can't even do it! M a shopaholic and I know it's a crazy weird sickness but yeah, the feeling of buying something, even anything, just makes the world a better place for us rite? This is the time to mix and match your new with your old clothes(if possible). Donate the rest to charity, give it away, swap it with someone : ). Just some suggestions. Good luck dear!

  7. boo. get the flare pants first over at before you start this challenge! (:

    1. Haha i start already!! Wanted to buy that time but kept forgetting. You sponsor me lar. Hahaha ;)

    2. Hahaha! When i become super rich and successful then of course can sponsor! Haha do advertorial here for me can? (:

  8. Haha,I also challenged myself with "no shopping" diet.But guess what,only a few weeks,and then I was back to my old habit.

    Btw,nice blog you have here,just stumbled upon yours from Sghijabgirl.



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