Looking Good -Part II

 "SILHOUETTE: "When getting dressed, think of your body as a series of thirds; the worst thing you can do is cut yourself in hal...

 "SILHOUETTE: "When getting dressed, think of your body as a series of thirds; the worst thing you can do is cut yourself in half. Pair a top that ends at your waist (one third) with long pants (two thirds), or wear a knee-length dress that goes no longer than the bottom of your kneecap." If you personalize for your body type, you can rock any trends. "
- Tim Gunn

I heard this years ago when I watched Tim Gunn's Guide To Style. It was the most life changing sentence, if I say so myself. Although I must admit, I don't follow the rule always. 

Diagram 1

Here is a visual representation of what Tim Gunn meant. You might be wondering why you should probably cut yourself into thirds and never half. Here is why.

Diagram 2

If you want to look taller, you have to give the illusion of long stems even if you don't have one. If you cut yourself into half like in diagram 2, all you are doing is chopping off your legs. Your bottom should start from the waist and I believe you can see for yourself how different the length of my legs look in both diagrams. My legs look significantly shorter in diagram 2 because it starts from slightly below the hips. However in diagram 1, my legs starts from the waist.

I hope this helps, somehow. I tried my best to explain. I am never really good at penning my thoughts so I hope you understand me.


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  1. Mrs.Red beloved
    always suport u dear ....

  2. i love tim gunn! the thirds think does work..thats why i love high waisted pants; for the fact it gives the illusion that i'm taller!

  3. fatin, i love ur style dear... i love tim gunn too hihihi


  4. I love this post I might take a few things from reading this
    I can never put a decent outfit together lol. I'm so lazy!
    Thank youuuu hehe

  5. I love this! I think im a half always heeee (blushes)


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