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Do note that I am not a professional but here are several tips I came up with for myself that I think will benefit many others, hopefully!...

Do note that I am not a professional but here are several tips I came up with for myself that I think will benefit many others, hopefully! I get a lot of people asking me how I pair my clothes with my shawls/scarves. Some asked me how to match clothes with the hijab. Here are several things I look into when I pick something out.

1) Pair your hijab to your outfit not your outfit to your hijab.

I have heard of people picking out their hijab first and work their outfit around their shawls/scarves. If you do that and it works for you, you're awesome! However, if it doesn't, fancy a change, maybe? I always pick my hijab last. I make sure my whole outfit is carefully planned out before picking out the colour of my hijab.

2) I never wear printed shawls/scarves

Really. I never wear anything with prints on my shawl. Even if I do, I make sure the shawl has a definite base colour. So I stick with solid colour pashminas. It is the safest bet and it works for me. All I have to do is pick a colour that compliments the outfit. 

3) I pick a hijab style which is suited for the outfit

I don't just randomly pick out a style and wear it out. I admit, I only know how to put on two styles. So I work around the styles. I think the style of the hijab either make or break the entire look.

4) If all else fails, think. Do you want to be a blonde, brunette, redhead or have a luscious black hair?

Sometimes, when I can't figure which colour to wear, I think of what hair colour would suit this outfit best. I think that is the fun part about wearing the hijab right? You can have all the hair colours in the world without damaging your hair.

5) Basic hijab colours in my wardrobe: Red/Maroon, Black, Brown (any shade), grey.

Hehe. Just head over to my facebook photo album titled Inmyshawls Outfit. I wear the same colours over and over again. That's because it works. It is better to work with something you know will look good on you. 

I am not sure if this helps you but it definitely did for me. At the end of the day, I believe that my hijab is just like my hair. To some it is an accessory, to me it is an extension of myself. I never make it my statement piece. I like to keep it rather simple and let my outfit shine instead. And I think this post can be translated into a non-hijab outfit too! Maybe I should do that post next. 

See you tomorrow beautiful people! 


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  1. ok here is the deal.. i have been following your blog for a while now and it is such an inspiration, it is nice to find that Hijab can be fun , am not into fashion and all that but i love to wear things with a statement that define whom i am.. thank you for all your blogging they always bring a smile to my face

    1. Thank you. I am glad it brings you smile more often than not, i hope! And yes, i agree with you. I think by wearing something which defines us, makes us more special as an individual :)


  2. A shawl can be used as a hijab that is wonderful 2 uses for 1 item at one price!

  3. Fatin, I love your blog and your style! Keep them coming... you are such an inspiration.

  4. love no.4, so true!


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