Clear Skin Part 1: Cleanse

Cleanse As we all know, cleansing the face is the first step to clearer skin. However, do you know that the type of facial cleansers t...


As we all know, cleansing the face is the first step to clearer skin. However, do you know that the type of facial cleansers that you use can actually be the cause of your problematic skin? I used to wash my face 3 times a day or whenever my face feels oily or dirty. After which my face feels super taut, in other words, dry. I am sure some of you experienced or are experiencing this. I thought this meant a very clean skin but I was wrong.

Sometime last year, I was watching a korean info-ed and the most of the dermatologist on the show claimed that they owe their clear skin to cleansing their skin with only water. No facial cleansers involved. I was skeptical. I made my research and realised that maybe the dermatologists weren't lying.

Most foaming cleanser have chemicals which will actually strip off your natural oil. Most of the time, we believe that we have oily skin but it is only because our skin is producing more. When the natural oils on our face are completely stripped off, the skin works harder to produce more oil to replace what's lost. That is when we shine and oil a lot.

I also found out that the best cleansers are those which doesn't foam. Organics are the best but they are also on the pricier side. So I tried Cetaphil and it's magical.

So now, my cleansing routine is-
Morning : Washing my face with water, only
Night : Cetaphil
Twice a week : Clarisonic (Exfoliate)

I have been doing this religiously for over a year and it has truly benefited me. My skin has cleared and I don't have breakouts as often. My skin doesn't oil up and it doesn't feel dirty. I would totally recommend you to try this method.


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  1. is it sold in watsons?

    1. Yes dear. You can find cetaphil in watsons, guardians, john little

  2. Yay! At last you posted! I'll try what you suggested. I too started to break out when I used facial wash. Now I'm just using water but am still breaking out. Hopefully what you suggested works. InsyaAllah. :)

  3. Even if you wear makeup?

    1. Usually after a full faced makeup, i will use clarisonic with cetaphil. That ensures deep cleaning in my opinion. The day after, its the same routine. Wash with water. I only wear makeup once a wk so that helps too.

  4. May I know if the Cetaphil is meant for all skin types or for oily skin? :)

  5. May I know if you use toner after you wash your face in the morning and night? Thanks


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