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Reality is seeping in. Back to being an adult tomorrow. Holiday has been awesome. Spent my holiday outside most of the...

Reality is seeping in. Back to being an adult tomorrow. Holiday has been awesome. Spent my holiday outside most of the time, going raya and just hanging out. I can't wait for the sch year to end. Already made plans for the year end holiday. 

If you haven't noticed, I got my Soiree. Finally. I have been needing it since months ago but it was oos almost everywhere. So when I found it in my size months later, I made an impulse purchase. One I will never regret. I know I will wear this baby out. It is actually comfortable. If you are considering this baby, and they have it in your size, buy it. 

Top : Cotton Body
Bottom : New Look
Shoe : Soiree by Jeffrey Campbell
Lips : Revlon Wine Not


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  1. Suka gila dengan kasut youuuuuu baby!! Hahahaha

  2. the nude shawl & the maroon pant just perfectly goes together! love it!

    1. Reminds me of Autumn that we never have here. hehe.

  3. i can never wear the shawl and look as good as u.

  4. salam! i have some burning questions that i reaaallly hope you'd kindly answer! :D

    first, how can I keep my hijab smooth and not crinkle (regular ironing?) also, is there a certain type of material i should look for in a hijab?
    second, please please please share how you do the turban + scarf covering chest area thing - its modest and looks great! i really want to try it out! but i don't know how to attach the extra scarf to cover my neck.

    THANK YOU! i love your blog + the mini style series that you do - your outfits inspire me everyday <3<3 xoxo

    1. Salam dear.

      to your first question- I don't iron my shawls. I actually steam them. Put it on an ironing board and steam away! I find that it smoothens the creases more effectively and will never burn a hole.

      secondly, the turban and scarf style is super simple! There are two that i did in my blog. One without the neck inner, one with neck inner. I normally just use my everyday shawl to wrap it around my neck. In a way, the thicker your shawl is, the better it will hold.

      And lastly, thank YOU.
      Awesome readers like you are what drives me to blog more often.


  5. Salam.

    Nice outfit! But don't you think the shoes are a tad too revealing? :X Afterall the feet is part of the aurat too. #justsaying

  6. Assalamualaikum! I've been wanting to get a khaffah shawl for the longest time! Is there any sites you know that sell one sis? (:

  7. love the top! i couldn't seem to find it in CottonOn Body though :(

  8. How do you make your hijab ? :DD

  9. where did you buy your soiree! I've been looking everywhere for it but it's either sold our or not in my size T.T


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