Birthday giveaway

What better way to say thanks than to host a giveaway? Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, for supporting me and Inmysh...

What better way to say thanks than to host a giveaway?

Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, for supporting me and Inmyshawls. It has been a wonderful journey. One year went by so fast. The love I received was overwhelming. I thought long and hard over the gifts and eventually settled on several of my absolute favourite things for the year of 2012. Now you can have a part of me. Hope you love them as much as I do.

Happy Birthday Inmyshawls!

Items for giveaway:
ShopInmyshawls Flushed Chiffon pants
Ribbons 'n' Pinks plain pashmina (sponsored)
Chiffon shawl
Maybelline Baby Lips
Revlon matte lipstick in Really Red
Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush F80
(Items are purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated)

How to enter:
1) Tell me where you are from. I love making new friends from around the world.

2) Comment below what you love about Inmyshawls- which outfit post, shoes of mine you like or just anything! You can even drop suggestions. Basically anything you like/love about this page.

3) Leave your full name and email address

Giveaway ends on 30th November 2012 and winners will be chosen at random. Even better news- it is open to my international viewers too! 

Good Luck!



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  1. Salam Fatin. i really love ur fashion sense. u make feel young (akak sini dah tua). My teenage dotter is ur big fan too. Keep up the good work! oh..i luuurvvvee ur jeffrey campbell heels!

    fb-lena sabudin

  2. Hello Fatin!

    Every time you post on FB that there's an update on Inmyshawls, i'd eagerly look up the blog for your new posts! I would surely be awed, every time, by your outfit posts. Looking at the variety of outfit posts you have keeps me reminded that we girls don't need to spend a hefty to look amazingly awesome because dressing up with simplicity is just perfect. I super love all the sweaters and oversized everyhtings and checkered shirts with pants, i really love pants too much! Keep up the good job for Inmyshawls, i'm sure it's an inspiration to many out there (: Oh, I'm from sunny Singapore!

    With love,
    Nurann Nazurah Sazali

  3. Hi Fatin!

    I love your shoe collection and your blog always gives me outfit inspirations for my religious classes. Even though I'm not a hijabi, I'm slowly but surely trying to make that happen and your blog gives me lots of hope! Btw, I'm from Singapore! (:

    Mardhiyah Ismail

  4. hello darl, i'm from Indonesia :D
    i love the way you wear hijab, make some tutorial please :)

    Nila Kussriani

  5. Hi I'm from Singapore

    Loved your outfit in Blushing Rose :)

    Saralyn Low Su Luan

  6. Hi. I'm from Sunny Singapore too! :) I LOVE your outfit in Long Black Dress :) And what a coincidence, I've been lusting after J Crew since forever too :D I really wish it was available here :P Hope to see more outfit posts and also share with us your hauls! :) Thank you for the giveaway and hope I win! :)


  7. Heeeeeeeeey! I'm from singapore as well! Really like your back to basic post. Oh wait no, i like almost everything you styled! Super fab! And of course, your soiree o-m-g. Super thanks for this give away!

    Syafiqah Aziz

    psstpssst STAY CHIC!

  8. Hi I 'm from France! I love all about your post yours outfits, your good-looking, your shoes really awesome, the color of yours lipsticks too, hijabs quality so then I love all about you I follow you and you inspire me. Sorry I am not very well in english so I hope you are understanding me !!

    BINICI Tuba

  9. Singapore

    I like the way you post =)

  10. hi dear,

    i'm from Malaysia :)

    why i love InMyShawls? this page guide me on fashion and styling! really helpful! to be honest my favorite outfit post is leather me up!! seriously you look awesome! with the pink color lips and the leather jacket..WOWW! and inspired me the most! but others outfit post wonderful too! keep update outfit post so can guide me on outfit and styling! and do share a tips too <3 *hugs!



  11. Assalamualaykum! Huge fan here, from the Philippines. I'd say I am a recent reader of your blog and I visit your blog almost eveveryday to check for updates. First, I absolutely adore the way you wear your hijab, much thanks to the tutorial you uploaded. I have been trying to wear my hijab your way. :D three looks I love--almost bridal, blushing rose and softer baby. I loooove it♡ and ofcourse, those shoes by Jeffrey Campbell look super chic!

    Sherina-Sara Idlana

  12. HELLO FATIN! Im from sunny singapore just like you :D
    I totally adore you! Your fashion sense, your hijab styling. Its perfection! You're an inspiration to me and i'm sure to many of yr other readers out there too. I stalk your twitter everyday, literally to see whether they are any updates on inmyshawls and read yr blog religiously!I'm not a hijabi yet but you made me realize that even hijabis can be ultimate fashionistas! I watched yr hijab tutorial some months back and i wear it every sunday for my religious class without fail and i would get compliments asking how i style it, and its all thanks to you dear! I LOVELOVELOVE yr shoe collection and yr JC lita and the soiree oh my goodness they're so pretty. I must say that they are so many things that i love and adore about you tht i can go on and on and on. I MAD LOVE HOW YOU DRAW YR EYEBROWS TOO, tutorial on it maybe? :)I love all of yr outfit posts but i must say that my ultimate favs out of the bunch are long black dress, blushing rose, naked literally, saturday noon fever, bells and flares and royalty. I look up to you for fashion inspiration too btw hehe. I LOVE INMYSHAWLS HANDS DOWN! <3<3<3 Thank you for having a giveaway! Have a good day ahead, beautiful^^

    Siti Nurhidayah

  13. Salam! I'm Azrianna from Kuala Lumpur :)

    I just love everything from Inmyshawls, ever since I've started following you! Love the way you dress everyday, adore your style and also your sense of fashion!

    Hope you'll come to KL someday and meet your followers here as I would really want to meet your in person :D

    We could also make a fashion photoshoot one day as I'm a freelance photographer :)
    Here's my page

    Hope I'll win this giveaway!

    Much love.

    Azrianna Azmil

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  15. Hey FATIN!
    Im NADHIRAH from singapore!:D
    YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE!theres so many things that i love about you!
    love the red lipstick that u use. U have so many heels and clutch bags!:)i love it especially the newlook black studded heels and the platform shoes from maxstar!im a hijaber too and i follow ur latest styles (i do!) and U ARE MY INSPIRATION!!

    i love each and every designed pants that u have and all ur chiffon skirts and pants!The colour is so sweet and PRETTY!i also adore the geometric designed longsleeve shirt that u once wear!love everthing that u wear,TIP to TOE and the list can go on and on..hehe..
    AND one more thing!i watch you hijab tutorial on youtube and i wear the same style to school everyday!i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


  16. Hi! Well , i'm from singapore too !
    I love your blog (you!) bcs i just love your fashion sense! i love that you are sooo adventures when it comes to your clothing. I wish i was as brave as you !I also love the fact that you're a fashionista who wears hijab! you're a great role model!
    I love all of your OOTD post but my fav so far is the Blushing Rose post! you look so sweet there! absolutely beautiful!

    love ,
    puteri ramdzan

  17. Salam from Canada Fatin! and a very Happy Birthday to Inmyshawls! :)

    I stumbled upon your blog by chance when my eyes caught your post “Rushy Bushy” ( and I am so so glad that I did!
    Ever since then, I have been hooked on your style, poise, and lovely presence. First of all, just like the Little Miss behind the fab website, is a breath of fresh air - it is spunky and chic and screams ingenuity. Although I adore every outfit you share with us, this outfit is most dearest to me since it marks the first time I happily discovered your style!

    The reasons why I love this outfit top to bottom SO MUCH is because the combination of prints and accessories create such a casual, yet sophisticated look. The kimono jacket adds the perfect pop of colour and the peach hijab creates ties in a soft touch to the ensemble. I love the fact that your style is so relatable, I could totally see myself wearing a Nur Fatin - Inmyshawls inspired outfit with the same elegance and confidence as you! :) I love that you give so much thought into your outfits; they are coherent and original and fashion forward. Whether you rock a military inspired jacket, or your lovely JC’s or a transparent clutch I consider you a great trendsetter!.

    Thanks for sharing your style, and I hope for bigger and better things for Inmyshawls in the future! :)

    Lots of love,

    Shristee Rahman

  18. Salam Nur Fatin! I'm from Singapore too!

    What I like about Inmyshawls is how you dress up with printed stuff. You look confident and therefore I think it makes everything nice. Honestly I dare not wear printed stuff and I always go for plain stuff back then. Moreover,I like how you wore the turban style hijab with different wearings/occasions. Last but not least, you inspire me to go beyond my comfort zone and anything is just possible. Thank you! :) Wsalam

    Lina Hamizah

  19. Salam Fatin! I'm Dina from Indonesia

    What I like about Inmyshawls is how you put the RED lipstick on your lips. You look confident and I think its COOL. I like how you wore the hijab style, it's so you fatin.
    Always Be an inspiring hijabgirl fatin
    Thank you! :)

    Dina Hakim

  20. Salaam Fatin! I'm Raudhah from Singapore! :)

    You're definitely my favourite fashion inspiration! Basically LOOOOVEEE everything you have & the way you style your outfits + hijabs/turbans! One of the best thing is that you like Mary Kate & Ashley's style just like I do. Hee.

    Post more of your great outfits ya & would like to meet you one day. :)

    ps just a little suggestion; bring in more printed pants for shopinmyshawls.

    Much love,
    Siti Raudhah Matyasir

  21. salam sis! i'm Asyura from Singapore.

    you're the first Hijabi fashion blogger that i love! your styles are all very simple and yet sophisticated. i really like you "long black dress" post! i've always thought that LBD will always be "little black dress" but when i saw your post i went like "gosh, she's genius!" you're totally awesome!

    also, i like the post when you talk about body shape! that's totally awesome! i went to search about my body shape and use some tips from your style (well, i have the same body shape as you) to dress up whenever i go out!

    continue your great work!

    wslm, best regards,
    siti asyura

  22. assalamualaikum fatin. hey , i very very very love all your stuff so badly. your shoes, jackets, accesories,handbags, printed pants,etc and the awesome one is your "RED LIPS"! can i have that red lips? zasss, very very very sexy.

    ouh ya, im eka. from Penang, Malaysia. just wanna be your friends.
    sincerely,eka jamaludin. hugs!
    twitter: @ekajamaludin
    instagram: tijuooohsem

  23. Just trying my luck to get my hands on the chiffon pants!!!! Been looking for similar ones since you said your preorder has closed! :((((( not gonna deny abt your style but love how you blog and how you end every post with what you're wearing and even more amazing, where you got them! Love your own personal creation the long cardigan (which I badly want to own!) and personal fav the pants. Keeping my fingers cross for this to be mine! May Allah bless all your good deeds my dear.


  24. Assamualaikum fatin

    I instantly fell in love with the way my friend don her hijab. I asked her for tips and she shared your link with me. Even though it looks pretty easy from the video you uploaded, I'm still struggling to get a perfect outcome. One thing, I will not give up and keep on trying :)

    Noraindah Dollah

  25. assalamualaikum, fatin. :)
    I've been keeping track of your blog cos you're one my biggest inspirations on how to dress up while wearing a hijab. truth be told, i learnt how to wear my shawl hijab from your tutorial on youtube. :') I love all your outfits, they're all my favorites. I wasn't so daring to when I first started wearing a hijab but after I stumbled on your blog, the way you dress and your outfits gave me inspiration. Oh and I'm from singapore. :)

    much love, nurul ain binte rahmat.

  26. Assalamualaikum Fatin!

    I'm from Malaysia and i've been reading your blog for quite sometime now. What I like about you is that you in partnership with your blog have proved to the whole world that you can still rock your outfits and also BE COVERED. I'm sure your blog not only inspired me but have inspired many muslim women out there.I absolutely admire the way you dress up and truthfully, your blog helped me a lot in fashion. I hope that you will never stop blogging and keep up the good work in being an admiration and inspiration to everyone especially muslim women.

    By the way, i am really hoping that i win this giveaway!

    Much love from me,

    Ema Marya binti Yacob

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  28. Salam Fatin,

    Thank you for your prompt you go....( I hope i have all the luck in the world!!)

    1) I am from Johor Bahru...but I've been residing in Kuala Lumpur for more then 10 years....but I still love JB...good eats :)

    2) I love on how you mix and match your attire in this blog!! Every look has it's own story without shouting that you are trying too hard...and the best part, although you have scarf to cover your hair, you prove that you still can rock your outfits just like how SJP did in Sex in the City!!

    I particularly like the pink palazo (the one you are giving away)outfit simply because they way you pared everything up...the attire look so classy...and I am a sucker for anything that is in pink (my favorite is dusty pink which is the color of my wedding dress !!! ) and to accessorize it with the nude is like putting icing on a cake!! simply beautiful...and i love your "of the ground" post jeans..with BLOOD RED LIPPY....and those killer are a genius...!!! you inspired me girl!!!...keep up the good work!!

    Azeera Abdullah

  29. Assalamualaikum,i'm from Johor Bahru but currently studying in KL :)

    First of all, forgive me with my broken English.:)I'm so glad i bump into your blog from someone else blog. I can't remember who, but when i followed your blog, i literally read all your previous post because i just love your sense of fashion.Some fashionista really like to put on heavy cloth on them, amazingly your sense of fashions is so simple and i'm so loving it. Tried few of you fashion tips. You help me a lot on how i want to dress myself when i go out. Your sense of fashion inspired me.

    You're so beautiful and please please please don't stop writing.

    Nurfatin Nadiah

  30. salam pretty.
    i'm from singapore like you :))

    there's soo many things that make me not like but LOVE innyshawls. words cant describe much feelings do ;) well. i love the way you style your outfit and especially your hijab. although i'm not like you who puts on hijab most of the time, the way you style your hijab just amazed me. it looks so sweet and gorgeous seeing you wear it. sometimes when i wear hijab , i never fail to look at your tutorial to wear following your hijab style. its SIMPLE AND EASY. the way you style your clothes, its so different. you showed me that even with hijab on. it doesnt stop a person from dressing up so well like you. your blog just makes me feel so 'WOAHHHHH'. its different from others. i hope this blog of yours doesnt stop updating cause iLOVE everything in here. and stay pretty always :)

    nur farhana

  31. Asalamualaikum Fatin,

    Im Anisa from Singapore :) I came a crossed your blog months ago. The first ever post i read was your geometry top with jeans and simple black heels and ever since i can't stop reading! i'm not even lying , call me stalker if you have to! hahahahha psst! i actually bought the same top and try to dress exactly like the pictures in that post but meh, its not as gorgeous as how you portray it :( hahahahah but never mind! Oh yes! and i like informative blog post especially the 'Looking good' post. You basically tell us which clothing suitable for our body shape , it help me ever since and....i still remember the excitement when you thought of making a tutorial video. If I'm not wrong the first video was you at the airport?... Anyway, I'm soon going to wear hijab permanently and you made me realize that i still can be a FASHIONISTA with a cloth over my head ! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and please don't stop blogging. love you (^_^)v

    Salam ,

  32. Salam Fatin, I hope you are well! :)
    My name is Faiza Bano and I am from Huddersfield, England. I loved your last day of school outfit that you posted on Instagram... Well I love all your outfits! I love them because being a Muslim, living in a non-Muslim country, is hard. It's hard trying to stay modest as well as being unbelievably fashionable at the same time! I'm sure you inspire many young Muslim girls, or even non-Muslims, worldwide! you are a true inspiration and I hope Allah (SWT) gives you the strength and the ability to achieve your goals in life and carry on this amazing thing you're doing!
    Wa salaam,
    Faiza Bano
    P.S. hope you have an amazing birthday! :o) x

  33. Assalamualaikum Fatin :-)
    Hi! I'm Amy from Borneo. I love love love how you dress yourself. How you pull off clothes which most people would think it's a drag to wear everyday. I even posted your pictures in my Tumblr which of course I linked them back to you.. You're just so inspirational. Don't stop being pretty! Much love from me <3

    Amy Yasmin Roslan

  34. Hi beautiful,
    I'm from london, UK.
    First of all, I love everything about you, you have actually influenced me to start bloggin.
    I love that you can turn anything in to a modest and hijab friendly outfit.
    I have actually gone and purchased a replica of your outfit twenty-two, off the ground and laters baby (apart from the heels I cannot walk in heels to save my life lol)
    Your such an inspiration and a motivator for me I actually get super excited when I find you have posted a new blog post lol

    Love you loads!!



  35. Assalamualaikum :)
    I'm a huge fan of Inmyshawls, I'm from Indonesia :)
    I'd sat I'm a recent reader of your blog and visit your blog almost everyday..
    I check for your updates and exactly I followed your twitter account and instagram too. love your hijab style so much. It's simple but AWESOME :))
    my favorite outfit post is BLUSHING ROSE ! Rose's color looks great on you :)
    but, yeah I love everything about you in Inmyshawls, dear :)

    Stevani Gitasari

  36. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim,
    Assalamu'alaikum Fatin..
    I'm Citra from Bandung, Indonesia..
    Blogwalking this morning and I found In My Shawls link from hijab fashion inspiration, and guess what???????

    I love you at the first sight ^^ you has a good sense of fashion, simple but your confident with RED lipstick on your lips.

    If last night I watched the Hitman movie, I think this morning I saw "Hitwoman" In My Shawls, not uses a gun actually...^^



  37. Salam Fatin!

    I'm a girl hailing from Malaysia. I honestly love how you effortlessly dress, wholeheartedly. Totally adore your sense of fash! Keep up posting more entries to keep us readers in an awe every single time!

    Aisyah Hamid

  38. Assalamualaikum Fatin :)

    I'm Solehah from Singapore. What I love about Inmyshawls is the outfits that you post! You look amazing in every post that you've posted. I like how to actually give me ideas of what to wear next when I go out or what to pair my outfits with.
    My most favourite of the outfit posts that you've posted is 'Leather Me Up'. Haha, I've always contemplated whether or not to get the men's cotton on plaid shirt.
    & I also loved the Blushing Rose look. You looked real sweet.
    Keep on posting more outfits! I love looking through your blog :)

    Siti Solehah Bte Abdul Jalil

  39. Assalamualaikum and hai fatin!I'm Faiqah from Malaysia.
    I keep reading all your posts although I dont have any blog and following your daily activity in instagram. I love on how you mix and match your outfit and totally adore on how you always bring out with a lot of ideas to style your outfit everyday . My favorite posts are softer baby and blushing rose. I love pastel color, so I think that color suit you better. keep up a good work! May Allah bless you:)

    Faiqah Mohamad

  40. Salam.. Hi fatin. :)

    Im tasha from Brunei.
    What I love about InMyShawls is that I just love how you dress and I love your hijab style which I tried but it doesn't look good on me. hahaha! OH!! I love your post on "Style steal(Collated): Olsen". I love that style coz it just makes me feel comfortable when I'm just too lazy to find something to wear. Especially when I'm going to college. hehe. I think you should make more on Olsen Twins look. You did a great Olsen installment. ;)

    Thanks for reading my comment. I will always follow your blog post.

    Natasha Razalie

  41. Assalamualaikum Fatin :D

    I'm Hamizah from Malaysia

    I love your style from top to bottom and your confidence to work it out ! it's like asian version of Wendy Nguyen <3 your tips was very helpful especially the body types. you are one of my style inspiration now :D and last but not least, your shoes collection are gorgeous ! ♥

    Hamizah Kipli

  42. Hi,i'm from Singapore as well(;
    What i love about inmyshawls is that there are
    so many different varieties of nice outfits
    to see(:
    The outfit i love the most is the wedding theme.
    I like how u pull off the look.
    Its really pretty, and girly(;
    Thumbs up!


  43. Hi, Thank you so much for this giveaway!!! :) I'm from the U.S. I really love your black Young Hungry Free bag, it is totally my style.


  44. I'm from San Jose, CA. Just stumbling across your blog but I love your writing and style! Thanks for offering the giveaway


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