[Sponsored] Black Beauties from Surisara

(Dress,  Zahra c/o Surisara | Accessories,  Diva | Maxi Shawl, @mdmluvhearts on instagram) I was sent this beautiful (and f...

(Dress, Zahra c/o Surisara | Accessories,  Diva | Maxi Shawl, @mdmluvhearts on instagram)

I was sent this beautiful (and famous) dress by the wonderful team at Surisara. Zahra, in my opinion, is perfection. It flows like a dream. The pleated front and triple-layered bottom makes twirling even more fun. Bell sleeves are my weakness, I tell you. You also know that anything with ribbons, I'm in. Of course this is the perfect dress for me! My only gripe is- I wish this comes in petite size. For a shorty like me, I will have to go through the hassle of altering the length since I don't fancy pairing my maxi dresses with heels.

(Top, Hani c/o Surisara | Pants, H&M | Maxi Shawl, Bobble Tassel on FB | Shoes, Giovanna | Accessories, Lovisa | Bag, Chloe Paraty)

This is another famous piece by Surisara. You might have seen this on bloggers, celebrities and almost everybody (exaggeration alert) on instagram. Hani is undoubtedly a luxurious piece without the exorbitant price tag. A beautiful brocade peplum in metallic black thread. I love Hani in gold but I wanted something that I can wear to work without getting too much attention. Now, my only concern is the neckline. The neck opening is a little small and may cause slight discomfort for some people. Also props to Surisara for sending out a complimentary inner top. The material is a little itchy if worn alone but the inner saved me.

The best thing about Surisara? They carry sizes ranging from S to 6XL even! Indeed, beauty is celebrated in every shape. I was also sent a piece of clothing from the Syomir Izwa ♥ Surisara collection. I was nursing a cold/fever when I took these pictures today and I was too tired to continue. But do follow me on instagram, @nurfatiin because I will post a picture of it soon.

And for all my Singaporean ladies, rejoice. Free shipping to our little island!
Singapore orders are shipped via SF Express (quoted from Surisara website).
Delivery is estimated to be aroung 3-5 working days.
Visit Surisara.com now!

Now, I am going to continue resting (and whining).



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  1. the black dress very nice!
    suit with u:)

  2. That dress is so so beautiful MashaAllah, I love it!
    Same with the second outfit, it's really really beautiful!



  3. How beautiful. The dress is perfection! And up to 6xl thats amazing!


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