Universal Studios Singapore

It was my second visit to Universal Studios Singapore(USS). During my first visit, I didn't exact...

It was my second visit to Universal Studios Singapore(USS). During my first visit, I didn't exactly know what I want to do or where I want to go. Also the very first ride I took caught me by surprise. I was practically scarred throughout the entire journey so we decided to catch all the shows instead. This time round, I was determined to try all the rides except the Mummy ride. I heard it was the scariest. I cheated on all the rides actually. I closed my eyes throughout and screamed like nobody's business, even when it is not that scary. I am already making plans to go again with my sister before the school holiday ends. This time I am making sure I open my eyes and get wet, really wet.

If you are coming to Singapore this December, you must definitely visit Universal Studios.
Click here for more information about USS.

Hope December has been nice to you so far!



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  1. It's not very big here too but it was amazing. I love the jurassic park rides too! Can't believe i actually rode on the rollercoaster. Hehe.

  2. hai assalamualaikum..im nash n im about to go there this saturday. this is my first time n if u dont mind i would like to ask u some question. how was the weather there? is it crowded during this school holiday? any tips u can suggest me with?.thank you so much ni hope can hear from u soon, :)

  3. Waalaikumsalam. Im not sure where exactly you are frm. If you are frm a neighbouring country, the weather is just the same. It is the monsoon season so it has been raining. And it will rain inside. No shelter. If you are frm sg, you should knw better! And since you are going on a saturday, on a sch holiday, expect crowds. Lots of them. Expect a longer waiting time. If you plan on watching the shows, take note of the timings. So you can plan yohr route. Above all, just go with the flow and have fun. Dont forget to bring along extra clothes in case you get wet. Have fun!!

  4. hi there, thank you for the quick replay. im sory i forgot to tell u that im from next door,malaysia. thank you so much for the tips. im sure it will be so much fun. thank you again and have a nice day to u! :)

  5. wow! you had such a great moment there! love the laid back style dear ;)
    Yati Noah

  6. assalamualaikum fatin. I went to uss several times. cylone is the best ride for me. u should try mummy ride. the mummy not as scary as cylone.ehehhehe. have fun

  7. Hehe thank you! Comfort over trends anytime! And yes i enjoyed the entire day. Feels good to unwind.

  8. Waalaikumsalam. The cyclone is closed. Not sure till when. Haha and i dont think i will try thr mummy or the cyclone. I was already screaming at the top of my lungs on the shrek rollercoaster! But enjoy the rides there if you are going again!


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