Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cold Shoulder

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I am sorry for the unannounced hiatus. I was busy trying to adjust myself to the new schedule. Also because it is more convenient to update my outfit of the days on instagram, which you have to follow if you haven't at @nurfatiin. Now that it has been more than two weeks into the new year, have you done anything worth mentioning? I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty a few weeks back and made a self reflection. I recommend you to watch it if you haven't. So this year, I am desperate to live my life differently. I want to turn twenty-four and look back at the wonderful and crazy things I did this year. I can't wait to let loose and enjoy my youth the way I should have.

Sweater : H&M
Pants : Asos
Shoes : Asos
Bag : Cotton On
On lips : Silky Girl in Vamp



  1. spot on you go girl! your outfit is amazing!

  2. hahahaha for a start, a macam faham trip by two cowards to batam....

  3. hahahaha! confident pulak tu sampai da nak beli semua.

  4. Aww thanks Daniela! Since I haven't blogged in a while, I have missed seeing your comments. Hope you are well!

  5. Love your heels hunn,
    Hope you can cope with 2014 smoothly :)
    Its a horsey year, run fast as we can heheeheh.

    lots of love,


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