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Last week, before I left for my Kuala Lumpur trip, I was invited to Working Title to experience and taste the foods. I brought my favourite...

Last week, before I left for my Kuala Lumpur trip, I was invited to Working Title to experience and taste the foods. I brought my favourite friends that day and even had a budding photographer! Some of my pictures are taken by a four year old who has potential. I'll make her my photographer next!

Since I brought my little friends along, I will be making this review based on their child friendly factor. I learnt from the owner of this cafe that there is a hostel above the cafe itself. The cafe was built to accommodate to the needs to the people staying in the hostel. The owner then decided that they should open the cafe to the public.

The cafe wasn't fully halal a few years ago but they are halal now. Their specialities are their burgers. Which is why they are called The Burger Bar.

We didn't get to try their famous Ribena Wings but we settled for Honey Lemon Wings instead and the girls loved it! Before I forget, the cafe has free wifi! So if your child is throwing a little tantrum and all he/she wants is the iPad or the iPhone to watch youtube, then you don't have to sacrifice your data. Trust me, it was useful on our visit. 

We ordered the Ice Blended Thai Tea without the shot of espresso since Lelah and I both don't drink coffee and the girls were going to share our drink. The tea was a tad strong but still delicious. Sofia love the drink so much and insisted that it was ice cream. The drink was gone in minutes!

We ordered two main dishes. Smoked Salmon Pizza and Dengerous. The portions are huge! The girls don't eat much so both Lelah and I had to finish up everything. The pizza was really delish. You can never go wrong with salmon anyway. 

We had the Dengerous. A fusion mix of dendeng, peanut sauce and super thick patty. I must first say that we love the fries. The perfect cut.

The burger itself was a huge portion. We had to disassemble the whole burger. The patty is really thick but it is so juicy and perfectly cooked that we ate it like a steak. How can a thick patty be that juicy? It was so good.

Look at how thick and juicy the patty is! We finished our meal there with dessert of course! We promised the girls ice cream so we settled for Hazelnut Ice Cream Cookie. Divine! Of course, girls approved!

Overall, the experience and food in Working Title was really good. The girls walked out of the cafe happy and all smiles. There is a back room where customers can chill and eat while playing board games. Maybe add some legos and kids will be stuck there and parents can enjoy their food. Sofia and Amelia approves of this cafe so mummies, bring your kids to Working Title before school starts!

Thank you Working Title for having us!


Working Title
48 Arab Street
Singapore 199745




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