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I don't know about you but I love my window seats. Especially when I fly solo. I make sure I buy a window seat. If you travel with...

I don't know about you but I love my window seats. Especially when I fly solo. I make sure I buy a window seat. If you travel with me, you would be very well aware of this because if you get one and I don't, I make sure you give up your seat for me. 

Why this insanity? You may wonder. 

Sitting by the window makes me feel in control. I know what is going on outside and should anything happen, I am aware of it first. I hate the uncertainty. That is also why I hate roller coaster rides. I anticipate the plunge but the fall is never in sight until you are at the edge. Pretty much the same with them thick clouds. So my rationale is if I see the clouds first, I can prepare myself for the turbulence. My fear of turbulence is beyond crazy. So seeing the plane fly into the thick, fluffy clouds, assures me that it is just the science of pressure. Much like a car on a bumpy road.

Once I am up in the sky, however, I would bring down the window and occasionally take a peek outside. I am a total wuss. So really, for me to fly alone, is an amazing feat on its own. 

Now, apart from the fact that I want to be in control of something that I clearly have no power in, sitting by the window is a life changing experience all the time. 

Whenever the plane is taxing, I feel like I am slowly taking a step away from my present. Once it is on the runway, it feels like I am ready to embark on an adventure that has no end. And when we finally take-off, I feel lighter the higher we go. I feel free. Always, and I mean always, I will shed a tear after take-off.

As I look out of the window, I not only see my destination and future but I also leave behind my pains and sorrows. No turning back, they say. I leave my agony behind and hope for a magical future. 

Every feet higher means more sorrows left behind. Sitting by the window also allows me to submit myself to the great Creator. I marvel at the beautiful sight every single time. I am reminded always that Allah is great. 

When the plane is preparing for descend in a foreign land, I feel like another person has in fact entered my soul. I am a different person. And when the plane lands, I will always (again) shed a tear. Tears of hope, endurance and most importantly, bravery. 

I feel proud of myself for overcoming my fear of being alone (the fear is real), my paranoia of being in the sky with absolutely no control of my life and the pain that was embedded in my heart. 

The window seat is special to me. It signifies hope. 

With that said, I actually did not purchase a window seat for my upcoming trip. I decided to let go and let others decide for me. It was a very difficult decision while purchasing my tickets. I am praying I do get a window seat after all. If not, you would know that I would be a paranoid freak, fidgeting in my seat and possibly annoying my seat partners because I will still try to get a view of the outside. 

And by the way, other than the window seat, I also make sure I buy a seat by the wing. That is a story for another time!

So are you a window seat, aisle or do you feel secured being in between? 



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