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Last Sunday, the very awesome people that brought you Afterwit and Working Title, invited me for dinner at their newly opened cafe, The...

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Last Sunday, the very awesome people that brought you Afterwit and Working Title, invited me for dinner at their newly opened cafe, The Mad Sailors. 

If you love the UK or if you simply want to try a good ol' English meal, you have to come over. The cafe boasts dishes that brings back memory of the English land. You'll get pretty spot on tastes. I haven't been to anywhere in UK but my friend did and he thought everything tasted close to perfection. 

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We chose to sit at the second level, by the window overlooking the quaint cafe next door. It was a cozy little corner and I really enjoyed the ambience. The decor in the cafe was quirky. My usually OCD self would get annoyed at the different chairs and doors but I actually didn't mind.

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We asked Hayley for recommendations and she told us her favourites. We ended up with Bangers & Mash, Good Ol' English Fry-Up, Marmite Honey Wings and Fried Mars Bars. I was so thirsty I told Hayley I need at least two drinks. I told her to surprise me and she brought up this Firefly Peach & Green Tea. The bottle is so cute I should have brought it home!

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I love the Marmite wings. Now I don't know exactly how Marmite is supposed to taste like but I heard that it's salty. So I was expecting the chicken to have a mix between sweet and salty. I mean, you can never go wrong with chicken wings anyway. 

Our entrée was huge. I was told that portions in the homeland is exactly that. So if you are not a big eater, you may want to share it with a friend. Or maybe visit the cafe after Ramadhan. My friend had to finish up most of mine. But food was good. The sausages were cooked well. The toasted bread could be better but maybe it got cold while we wait for break fast.

We would definitely recommend getting the mushy peas. I'm still thinking of it now. I want more of it. I hate peas. But my friend told me I have to try mushy peas if I want to taste legit English food. I did and I think I like it more than mashed potatoes.

We are already planning our next visit. Definitely after Ramadhan. My friend wants to see how the fish and chips fare up to the real ones in UK. I have never been there so I can't compare but I am sure it will taste fantastic.

If you plan on going to The Mad Sailors, make sure you call and make reservations. I heard they are full almost every day. If you meet Hayley, say hello for me!

The Mad Sailors
24 Haji Lane



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