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Here's a little fun fact about me. I love makeup. As much as I love clothes and dressing up. You're never really dressed up if you ...

Here's a little fun fact about me. I love makeup. As much as I love clothes and dressing up. You're never really dressed up if you don't complete it with makeup, right? However, as much as I love makeup, I am not adventurous with it. I prefer sticking to my basics. I like to focus more on my base. So you won't see me in a lot of eye makeup. 

 When I first heard of Halal cosmetics, I was a little skeptical. I grew up learning that every time I need to take my ablution, I need to remove everything that hinders water from absorbing into our skin. So when I heard of Halal cosmetics, I wonder if it would defeat the purpose of purifying one self. 

 *Note that this is my definition of Halal cosmetics 

 Quoted from Zahara Blog 
"Halal cosmetics are free from animal-derived ingredients, alcohol, harmful chemicals and are not tested on animals. It is based purely on health and ethical benefits, halal cosmetics therefore draw in those who adhere to a holistic and all-natural lifestyle, including muslim consumers."

So when I heard that everyones (and mine) favourite brand is coming up with their own line of halal cosmetics, I was stoked. 

Zahara aka @lovefromzahara on Instagram first came out with their range of halal or water-permeable nail polishes. The first few makeup products that Zahara came up with was the Matte Lip Cream and Longwear Eyeliner (pencil). 

Just recently, if you have seen the #RayaReadyLooks campaign (which I am in btw), you would noticed that Zahara just came up with Quattro Eyeshadow Palettes! 

Quattro Eyeshadow Palette & Onyx Longwear Eyeliner

For the campaign, I was the Fifth Avenue Princess. Look, I was already beaming when I heard the name. I haven't been to New York but I love the city. And one of the streets that I definitely want to visit is Fifth Avenue! I'd like to think that this is a sign that one day, I'll step foot in NYC. Also, you know I am a princess, right? 

When I first opened the palette, I died. My favourite shades all in one palette. I don't do a lot of eye looks because I like my lids looking fresh. But this palette got me. Also, usually if I do decide to put on colours on my lids, I would go smokey. So this is perfect. 

Colours are pigmented! So if you're like me, you may want to go light handed. This palette is perfect for beginners who wants to dabble in eyeshadows. Palettes are a cost-saving solution. Sometimes I would layer the black shade over my liquid liner to darken it even more. 

I am a fan of the Longwear Eyeliner. It is so creamy! I loved it so much I have three pencils. I use it to tightline. I hate that skin showing in between the liner and your eye. Makeup don't!

The eyeshadow palette is not officially released yet but Zahara's team and I have collaborated for a special giveaway for my readers! Head on to my instagram (@nurfatiin)for more details!

Zahara Matte Lip Cream

I also have three of Zahara's very famous Matte Lip Creams. I have it in shade Sweetie, Girl Next Door and Warrior. 

I love a good lipstick but I avoid anything with the word matte in it because I have overly sensitive and very dry lips. So dry that I have to do lip treatments every night. Matte lipsticks will leave my lips looking all crackly and disgusting in a few hours. Not a cute look. 

But just like every makeup fan, I want to jump on the liquid lipstick craze. My first liquid lipstick scarred me for life. 

When I first saw the lip creams on Dalillah, I knew I had to try it. So I bought my first Zahara Matte Lip Cream. Of course I chose a colour I know I will look banging in, Warrior. The first time I wore it out, I was so cautious of how it can look like throughout the day. 

I checked the mirror every minute, asked my sister the entire night till she couldn't stand me anymore. But it was a winner. My lips did not crackle at all. I am not sure if the formulas are the same for all the colours but of the three that I have, Sweetie doesn't sit well on my lips. Five minutes after application and it cracks crazily. Girl Next Door is my favourite shade of all time. You probably would have seen it on my Instagram. I swooned over it on snapchat a few times too. 

Zahara Nail Polish

Zahara first came out with the water-permeable nail polish. 

Now, there are many views on water-permeable nail polishes. But mine is- a nail polish is still a nail polish regardless. I wouldn't take my ablutions with it. But if you are ok with it, then by all means. Usually if I have it on, I will bring Zahara's nail polish remover which is so convenient because it is in a bottle and you have clean nails literally in seconds. 

I think by now I have four colours. Mostly are my favourite shades like #Ladyboss, Modesty Muse and Simply Covered. I personally love how fluid the nail polishes are. Together with the super convenient nail polish remover, manicures can be fuss free for a muslimah. 


Zahara's products can be purchased via Zahara website or FashionValet.

Here's my campaign video for #RayaReadyLooks, Fifth Avenue Princess.

Don't forget to head on over to my instagram for a special giveaway!



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