Italy 2016: Florence/Pisa

Day 3 We left our apartment very early in the morning to catch a train to Pisa. We were told that since our seats are not numbered,...

Day 3
We left our apartment very early in the morning to catch a train to Pisa. We were told that since our seats are not numbered, it is actually ok to miss ours and take the next one but we weren't going to take any chances. Our bus to the train station was late and we actually had to run to our platform. Just three minutes after we found a seat in the train, it departed. Talk about luck!

The journey took us less than hour. It wasn't until at Pisa when we realised we left our wallet at the apartment. Thankfully we had some emergency cash. 

Travel tip:
Set aside emergency cash close to you. We brought a little secret fanny pack and stashed some Euros in it. 

I had the idea that the tower is right next to the train station much like the Colosseum in Rome but it is actually quite a distance from the station. There are buses to the tower but we decided to walk instead. We went all the way there so might as well walk to the tower and soak in the atmosphere. The heat though! The temperature, although pretty similar to Singapore's daily temperature, there weren't enough shade to protect us from the heat. I died a little. 

We walked by the Arno River and through the buildings, walked in and out of little Tabacchis and bars and finally caught a glimpse of the tower. The walking took us approximately thirty minutes. We set aside three hours in Pisa as we had already purchased our return tickets. We didn't enter the tower or cathedral because time wasn't on our side. 

I was a little disappointed when I saw the tower. I am not sure what I was expecting but maybe after seeing the Duomo in Florence, I had really high hopes for whatever is in store in Pisa. It was a little meh for me. I wasn't particularly in awe. Although seeing the structure itself was pretty cool. I didn't know that the area consists of the Cathedral, Tower and the Baptistry. After walking around the compound for a little bit, we took refuge by the cathedral. 

I had the idea that there is a huge field by the tower where people can picnic and sit around. Turns out there wasn't one. There is a grass patch but we're not allowed inside. I did for a little bit anyway to get some pictures taken. The crowd was crazy that day. I tried 'pushing' the tower for pictures and tourists sake but I failed. 

We had to rush back to the train station eventually and went back to Florence.

Since we reached Florence pretty early (3pm), we weren't sure what to do next. Many told us to go to The Mall for our luxury shopping but shopping was never in our itinerary and I knew I wouldn't buy anything so we gave it a miss and walked around the mall at the station instead. 

Eventually, we decided to look for the Michelangelo statue again. We saw signs and Google Map tried bringing us there but we failed, again. So we decided to hike up and found ourselves at Giardino Delle Rose. At that point I was very, very, very dehydrated. I had to annul my fast because I was at the point of fainting. We sat at the area and wait for sunset but I was complaining of thirst way too much. 

Google Map brought us up to the nearest cafe. We had to hike up even further but I was glad I complained. We would have missed out on the perfect view. So apparently we were at Piazzale Michelangelo after all! 

We camped ourselves up there and waited for the magnificent sun to set. It was magical. At that moment, I promised myself to come back to Florence. I must have given all of my heart to Florence. I know many love Florence for its outlet malls and shopping but I genuinely love Florence for being herself. She was quaint, beautiful and feels so familiar. I am little sad that my Florence post is done because I want to remember her forever. 

When friends ask which city I visited did I love the most, I would say Florence. 
In a heartbeat.

Onwards to Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre in my next post!


Let me know if you would like a Jakarta series after I am done with Italy!



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