Adios 2016

When 2015 ended, I wanted to change everything about my life. I promised to be more spontaneou...

When 2015 ended, I wanted to change everything about my life. I promised to be more spontaneous. And I did exactly that. I left my very stable job of five years. I had no plans then. I have no plans now. 

I became more spontaneous with my decisions. Turning twenty five in 2015 made me realise that I have been very rigid all my life. I haven't been enjoying life the way I was supposed to. Earlier this year, I made so many spontaneous choices which may or may not have ended me in trouble. But no regrets. 

This year also saw me visiting places. After several life events, I vowed to see the world. Or at least fly more. I haven't travelled to the ends of the world but I am very content with where I went. Needless to say, my favourite memory of 2016 has to be the Summer in Italy. 

I did many crazy and last minute things too. I booked tickets to Italy a week before departure. I bought return tickets but became a no-show, on many occasions. Once I was already at CGK airport, ready to go back to SG, but decided I didn't want to go home after all. So I detoured and went to Bali instead. I went to several events which was WAY out of my comfort zone. I even tried a facial treatment called PRP without prior research. Which I ended up doing for three sessions. 

All these, 2015 Fatiin would never dare to do. 

On the note of change, I wanted 2016 to see me try new things. I flew alone, which I'm very done now. I learnt how to swim. I have also started eating vegetables. I am now eating better although I am not sure if it is necessarily healthier but I am getting there! I went running and actually loved it. I think next year, I want to learn how to ride a bike and drive a car. Although I may not necessarily want to have a license of my own. hehe. 

2016 also saw one heartbreak. An almost that broke me. That, eventually made me set out to try something out of my comfort zone. Which I am very determined to achieve. That, also stopped me from dating anyone else. I practically shut myself out from meeting someone new. 

Truthfully, 2016 wasn't entirely a bad year. It just wasn't an epic one. I pray for a smoother and happier year ahead. 

2017 will be epic. 



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