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My skin, although combination/oily, gets very dry in the plane. Normally, in my hand carry, I would bring a purifying mist and moisturiser....

My skin, although combination/oily, gets very dry in the plane. Normally, in my hand carry, I would bring a purifying mist and moisturiser. I avoid wearing makeup even in short haul flights therefore making it easier to apply my in-flight skin care routine. 

Given the limitations to carry liquid onboard, I will have to transport little bottles and cases in my hand carry. Lucky for me, for this trip, Ippin Singapore sent me this nifty travel sized skin care products by Melati. It came at the perfect timing as I was planning my trip to Jakarta. And a random decision to visit Bali. 

The travel set contains a makeup remover, a white gel (moisturiser) and a UV cream. 

Melati is a skincare line that is specialised in makeup removal, skin moisturising and nourishment. Melati ensures its production and sale of high quality Japanese cosmetic products are in line with Islamic values. All ingredients and manufacturing process are certified to ensure that every step is Halal. Melt has also received Halal certification from "Halal Certification Organisation", Japanese Islamic Trust, in Tokyo, Japan. - Melati, Ippin Singapore

Since I wanted to try the products in the air(!), I made the effort to wear makeup. I had a morning flight that day and boy was it hard!

Fortunately or unfortunately (in my case), I got the middle seat and both my neighbours were men. They must be grossed out seeing the whole makeup removing process. 

The makeup remover managed to remove most of my foundation but I kept my eye makeup. I didn't want to leave the plane with a black eye because I wore waterproof mascara. Then again, I always remove my mascara with an oil-based remover. 

After removing my makeup, I applied the White Gel all over my face. The White Gel is a moisturiser that applies smoothly and absorbs quickly into the skin. My face thanked me that day because it didn't feel dry. The White Gel doesn't feel sticky or oily on the skin either. 

It contains extract from Adlay Coix seed and a kind of cherry blossom flower, which is well known and loved since ancient times, for its effect to smooth, refine and tone skin, prevent dark spots resulted from sun exposure and moisturise skin. - Melati, Ippin Singapore

I am very glad that the set came with a UV cream. I am an advocate for applying sunscreen. I always feel like my skin is literally burnt if I walk out without sunscreen. I applied the UV cream right after the White Gel is fully absorbed into my skin. I am a very paranoid person and I believe that I am in 'direct' contact with the sun given that I am in the sky. I applied generously after moisturising and right before leaving the aircraft. 

My only complaint is that there is no definite SPF factor. I would appreciate it if I am informed of the exact number. 

All in all, I am very glad that Ippin Singapore sent me the Melati travel set. It came in handy throughout my trip. Today, I am leaving for Bali and it's way hotter there. I am sure it will be very useful to me.

Ippin is an online portal to get your Japanese products straight from the source. It is literally Japan at your doorstep. Ippin carries a variety of products ranging from food to beauty and even electronic appliances. 

Now, if only Ippin can deliver me a Japanese man. Haha!

If you'd like to purchase the Melati Skincare products, click below to be directed to the products.

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