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I was scrolling Facebook at half past one in the morning and I came across a post that I was not particularly excited about. Please do n...

I was scrolling Facebook at half past one in the morning and I came across a post that I was not particularly excited about. Please do not mistake this post as a cry for feminism. I am just a woman who scrolls through Facebook past midnight. 

1. Women wear makeup for themselves

We hear this way too many times. In fact, it sounds so cliché that men probably don't take that statement too seriously. Women wear makeup to feel good about themselves. I have pictures of me without makeup in the world wide web which we all know will be etched in the digital world forever. To be completely honest, I am very comfortable in my skin without makeup. Flaws and all. However, there are also days when I feel like looking good for myself. I want to look like the better version of myself. 

Do you also know how therapeutic applying makeup actually is? It is my cure all for every time I feel horrible and I know I am not the only woman who feels like that. It is very satisfying every time I look at myself in the mirror after beating it to death. Trust me, I am not wasting my hard earn cash on you boys. 

Haven't you heard? We actually wear makeup so that we can get compliments from other girls. Sorry guys, you are irrelevant. 

2. "Nobody should (needs to) wear makeup"

You may not like it, I understand. You want your girlfriend, lover or wife to bare it all, go for it. But stop there. If you need to impose it on your significant other, then do it. Don't impose it on the general women population. 

Yes, there are some woman out there who are not interested in makeup. Good for them! My best friend prefers 'Home Fix' to Sephora. But trust my little voice in this. Even the tiniest wing liner can make the masculine of a woman, happy. 

So if your girlfriend says she don't like to wear makeup, that is probably because she don't like applying it. It does not mean she never wants to see herself all made up. 

3. 'Posts articles of celebrities without makeup'

Oh yeah, they are born with beautiful skin. No wait, have you heard of...

Dermal Fillers
Laser Treatments
Plastic Surgery
Hormone Injections
And many many more?

Do you also know that these treatments are not easily attainable by mere mortal females because we are not Jennifer Lopez. We sometimes can't even afford a simple facial! You should probably equip us with the resources so that we can look like your favourite celebrities without makeup. Just saying. 

4. "I like girls who look natural."

A whole lot of bull. 

I am sorry if you can't understand this but basically the men were asked if they generally like women with or without makeup. One said he likes the natural look. Another said he likes a woman who doesn't wear makeup but also doesn't look pale. Another insisted that he likes a woman without makeup. 

They were then showed a picture of a very brave lady without her makeup. 

Basically these guys flipped. They thought she would look better with a little bit of powder, eyeliner and lipstick. Honey, those are makeup. 

So men, what is your definition of natural? Because my dear, to look 'natural' I need at least ten products. Again, if you want no makeup but without the pigmentations, dark under eye circles, flushed cheeks and lips, please go back to number three. 


Let us do whatever we want. Let us wear makeup as thick as your Harry Potter book. Or as thin a layer as that shirt you are wearing today. In fact, let everyone do whatever makes them feel good. 

Ladies, please don't ever let a man or anyone else tell you otherwise. If putting on a full coverage foundation gets you out of the house feeling like Michelle Obama then go for it. If having rainbow on your lids for your first date makes you less shy and more confident, then beat that face. If a tinted moisturiser makes you feel more fresh and lively, then show the world. If leaving the house without an inch of makeup (don't skip sunscreen though!) makes you feel powerful, I salute you.

Men, if you must, impose it on your significant other (although I feel sorry for her). Just don't impose it on the general women population, because I don't appreciate it.

Actually this is also for the ladies out there who doesn't wear makeup and diss us who do. Also, this doesn't stop at makeup. It'll be too long a post if I continue writing.

You do you boo.

Now, this woman has stopped scrolling Facebook. At two in the morning. 



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