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I like sitting in a room filled with women who share the same passion and likes. Last Saturday, I spent my afternoon learning about tips a...

I like sitting in a room filled with women who share the same passion and likes. Last Saturday, I spent my afternoon learning about tips and tricks from new and experienced makeup artists. Not only that, I get to meet inspiring womenpreneurs who are very dedicated and passionate about the products that they offer to the community. 

Of course, my favourite part of the whole afternoon was the makeup demo. I love watching Youtube videos and makeup artists apply makeup because I feel like there are certain techniques that I can pick up and use for myself. Also, ALWAYS ask the holy grail products of them makeup artists! They can definitely be trusted. 

Iqa, from @say.beautiful, has been doing her makeup on her clients using only Farmasi Cosmetics products. I was a little skeptical about the liquid foundation because naturally, I feel that natural products will not give me perfect coverage. Boy was I wrong! The model had troubled skin and blemishes. 

Iqa used Farmasi High Performance Foundation #06, which you can get at My Little Cocoon for only $31. I was honestly impressed at the coverage. She mentioned that for blemished skin, apply concentrated amount of foundation on the blemishes itself and then blend towards the rest of the skin. Oh, she used no concealer. WIN.

Just look at that coverage!! Remind me that i need that in my kit. 

For an everyday look that is perfect for work, Iqa went with a simple eye and defined brows. Iqa used all Farmasi products on the model's face. Floored yet?

There was a short skincare demo by Elsyle, products from Hokkaido. I picked up something very interesting yet never thought of, which I started doing last night. 

Sis Khadijah was telling us that while applying our skincare routine, praise ourselves. Tell ourselves that we are pretty. That we are awesome and beautiful. It sounded weird but I realised that she's right. Self love begins with loving ourself. If we believe that we are beautiful, it shows on the outside. Let me know if I look beautiful the next time you see me ok? hehe

The next makeup demo was on a medium/tanned skin by a known makeup artist, Pippin Emerald. She used all products by Khadija. I was very happy that the techniques I used on myself is similar to that of a professional makeup artist. Maybe one day I can consider doing makeup for people, no?

The makeup artist used Khadija Loose Powder Foundation in Shade 11. I would have probably mixed in shade 11 and 13 but I understand that some skins oxidise more so I assume that was the reason for shade 11. She also used shade 13 as a contour shade!

Pippin Emerald also used products from the new brand that My Little Cocoon is bringing in, Isabelle Dupont. I am actually very excited to get my hands on it because the mascara Pippin Emerald used on the model looks very promising! She had lashes for days! Isabelle Dupont has liquid lipsticks too! Isabelle Dupont is not on My Little Cocoon's website yet, but when it is, I will let you know!

The finished look (which I stupidly forgot to capture) left the model looking chic for work and ready to conquer the world. Khadija powder foundation is really versatile for all skin tones. I suggest going down to My Little Cocoon's office to swatch the colours and try it on for yourself. Khadija is by far, the most full coverage powder foundation that is halal, vegan and won't break the bank.

You should really check out My Little Cocoon's website for more information on the products I have mentioned. Let me know if you would like me to make a video on Khadija and Farmasi products! 

Congratulations Erianna and Aisha from My Little Cocoon for the successful event! May all of us benefit from the makeup sessions and support local entrepreneurs. These two, are saving our skin, one natural product at a time. 

My Little Cocoon
Instagram: @mylittlecocoonsg


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