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It is no secret that I am a fan of makeup. I think I have some skill in me that I even did my own makeup for my wedding. As with all ma...

It is no secret that I am a fan of makeup. I think I have some skill in me that I even did my own makeup for my wedding. As with all makeup junkie, I too love trying out new products. 

I have heard and tried Palladio way before. I used to scour Watsons and Guardians and look out for Palladio. I would buy several products and still not break the bank. So when the team from Palladio offered to send me some of their products, I was thrilled! 

I was sent most of the Rice Collection, Growing up in Asia, the Rice Paper packaging for some reason feels very nostalgic. So definitely packaging is a plus for me. It is definitely a conversation starter too. Perfect for awkward people like me. 

Singapore is a very humid country, Makeup does not usually stay throughout. If it does, be prepared to have a face so oily you look like a greaseball. Therefore, it is very common to see ladies and men alike, carrying blotting sheets in their bag. 

The generic blotting sheets not only absorbs the oil from your face, it sometimes removes and moves makeup around. Thus, the Palladio Rice Paper is very convenient as it absorbs oil as well as sets the makeup back in place. It comes in several shades but I prefer to use translucent. 

Another product that I have come to love and eventually use on a regular, is the Rice Primer. It is so smooth and mattifying but not drying. It creates a beautiful velvet canvas. In fact, I used it all over my face before spot priming with my Porefessional. Foundation glides smoothly over the primer and my face stayed matte throughout. 

If there is one product from the Rice Collection that I highly recommend, it would have to be the Rice Primer. At its price point, you get a primer that works just as well as any high-end ones. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@nurfatiin), you would know that I stay away from matte lip creams because I have overly dry lips. The velvet matte lip cream is honestly one of my favourite lip creams. Funnily, I tend to gravitate towards drugstore lip creams more than high-end. 

Palladio's Velvet Matte Lip Cream is exactly that. It is velvety and lightweight. Typically, I wouldn't last an hour in lip creams before my lips start cracking and wrinkling. But I wore this for at least five hours, ate oily wedding foods and my lips still looked good without reapplying. 

In all, I really love the Rice Primer and I foresee myself heading towards the drugstore to repurchase. 


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