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My husband and I, we're both foodies. Or to be quite honest, he turned me into one. I typically eat whatever I can find. If there is a ...

My husband and I, we're both foodies. Or to be quite honest, he turned me into one. I typically eat whatever I can find. If there is a quote, mine would be-
I eat to live. 

I love to cook. But I was always cooking for myself. Two years ago, I started on my diet. I had to meal prep. As fun as it sounds, it can get quite tiresome at some point. I would actually starve on some days because I was too lazy to cook. You would understand me if you cook for one. My family doesn't eat my foods so it gets pretty lonely. 

Now if only I discovered Melvados sooner. 

Malvados is a retail brand by Foodedge Gourmet, which is a Singapore-based food manufacturer that supplies food and beverage. Melvados was built to meet the rising needs of food-loving Singapore residents who are too busy to whip up a gourmet meal for themselves. 

Melvados' halal and ready to eat meals was what enticed me to try them out. As a new wife who works full time, it was the perfect excuse for me to whip out a delicious, hot meal for my husband. What pulls me in further was the fact that all their meals are fully cooked which means it requires heating. Ok, please don't tell my husband I didn't really cook the meals. I cheated. 

Tandoori Chicken Wrap

Melvados kindly sent me several food items and I was floored. Everything was so flavourful. Because the foods have no added preservatives, they have a shorter shelf life. That only tells you how fresh the ingredients are. My favourite were the wraps. It comes in a box of six and two. It was so convenient for me to bring it to work and have it heated in my school's microwave.

Brownie Brittle & Rainbow Cookie

Festive Sampler & Pistachio Tray Cake

My husband has a sweet tooth. He can't refuse cakes, biscuits and pastries. He devoured all the sweet stuff. His favourite is hands down the Pistachio Cake. We were sent the Festive Sampler cakes where all their cakes are in one box. It's perfect for the upcoming Raya. A whole box of an assortment of cakes for your guests. It couldn't get any simpler. 

I kept my favourite for last. I have been searching high and low for interesting flavours of ice cream which are halal. Lo and behold, Melvados has them. Taste was amazing. The Salted Hazelnut Cookie Dough was so decadent. I was very surprised that I could taste everything the name of the product says. It was salty, sweet, nutty and all the delicious cookie dough goodness in one bite. 

My husband and I indulged in this the other night and we agreed it was one of the best, if not THE BEST ice cream we have ever had. 

Melvados has two retail stores. One in Jurong Point and another in Anchor Point. Else, you can visit their factory at-
26 Woodlands Terrace, Singapore 738449

With that, I am making a public service announcement. This Saturday, 12 May, Melvados will be having their Factory Sale. Please make your way down. With Ramadhan coming, I am sure their ready-to-eat meals will be a hit with working mommies. 

What: Melvados Factory Sale
Where: 26 Woodlands Terrace, Singapore 738499
When: 12 May & 26 May, 10am - 3pm
Discounts: 10% off all tray and round cakes, 5% off everything else!
New items: Pistachio Tray Cake and Pistachio Rose Round Cake

Mother's Day is this Sunday so you know where to get your cakes. Please do try the Pistachio cakes. My husband and Mother-in-law can vouch for how creamy and delicious it was. Needless to say, we cleaned ours up. 


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