Indefinitely: How he courted

I met my husband, a year ago today. As our friends celebrate their one year anniversary, we celebrate the day we first met. Everytime...

I met my husband, a year ago today. As our friends celebrate their one year anniversary, we celebrate the day we first met. Everytime I look at this man, I feel extremely blessed to have my prayers answered. 

Let's continue where I left off.

There was obviously no toilet in the family room. I replied a tiny 'no'  as I couldn't look at him in the eye. And he left. The man who could potentially be the father of my children left the room.

I was a little disappointed to say the least. However, I was also a little relieved. I wouldn't know how to react if he had walked into the room. Honestly, I was conflicted the entire time after that. I had hoped that he would still be outside waiting till my gf was done nursing the baby. I had also hoped that he perhaps left his number by the door or something. You know, malay drama stuff. 

But alas, this drama queen doesn't get her drama mama story. Before going back home, we went out for a little shopping. Trust me, throughout the entire shopping journey and crowd, I had that scene playing on loop. I kept thinking how I blew up a chance. But I also thought, that if it is really jodoh, he will find me. 

That night, as I was having dinner, I scrolled through my instagram messages. Out of many, one stood out. 

"Thought you might want the picture."

I clicked on the picture and there it was. 
Him, me and the baby. 

That was when I realised that my prayers were answered. This man, the one I thought I had lost, actually found my instagram and slid into my DM. 

For some reason, I wanted to play hard to get. I mean, girl has to show that she is not super excited to have received a message from him. So I waited three hours before I replied him. 

That night, I remember falling asleep on him, smiling. 

The next day, I decided to play hard to get again and texted him much later in the afternoon. Oh, we progressed to Whatsapp that day too. After some casual texts, he asked if we could talk on the phone that night. Dude's moving very quickly!

I had this weird dating rule. I will only initiate or accept a phone call invitation after three days. But for some reason, I said yes. 

Our first conversation was weird. He was very formal and distant. Asking me 'important' questions. But maybe I should rewind a little. To a few text messages right before he initiated a phone call. 

"I have honestly thought about giving ta'aruf a shot. But no man wants to do it with me."

"I actually want to go through that too."

Basically, during our first phone call, this man was making sure that we both are on the same page. Turns out, we're very much alike. We both wanted marriage. We both want to do it before dating for real. 

Our second phone conversation the next day was a lot more relaxed. We laughed at each other's joke, tell silly stories about ourselves and we were enjoying each other's company. This phone calls were also becoming a routine for it happened the third time, the next day. 

We were talking a lot more about the future, Specifically, our future. Before we put the phone down that night, he said-

"Let's get married."

And that, was how my husband courted me. 


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