Three Six Five

It has been a full year. So how has it been? Nice. And tiring sometimes.  Who knew being married means taking care of another perso...

It has been a full year. So how has it been? Nice. And tiring sometimes. 

Who knew being married means taking care of another person. Who sometimes you don't feel like looking after. There are wonderful days. Then, there are also days when I feel like strangling this other person who is sharing my bed. 

Mind you, I slept in my own bed for twenty-seven years and now I have to share it with someone. A man at that! Nobody told me that snorings are a real thing. It's definitely not music to my ears. Sometimes I feel like kicking this person out of the bed especially when he starts choking. Oh, this person of mine jolts in his sleep as well. One time, he choke slammed me. My dear life. 

Then there's dinner. This person doesn't like eating by himself. Even if I am there watching him eat. He reaches home pretty late every day which means I will have my dinner after eight. Which is the reason for my epic weight gain. 

Meal times also includes movie time for this person and me. Oh, what a struggle every night! We have exhausted most of the shows that we would watch together. 

Travelling nowadays means we sit next to each other on the flight. He jolts even in flights when he sleeps!

Three six five. 

Every night, we'll go to bed with no issues unresolved. We will share about our day, the people we met and the food we ate. We don't get to spend a lot of time on weekdays, in fact, we only get two hours every night before I have to go to bed. We made a pact never to go to bed angry. This one, I need to try harder. 

My husband, like many other husbands, snores when he sleeps. When he does, I make sure he sleeps on his side so he'll stop. But when he eventually stop, I make sure he is still breathing. I am sure I am not the only wife who does this. The snorings, though annoying, is an indication that our husbands are still with us. So weird, I know.

Dinner time is my favourite time of the day. We'll eat while watching a show and sometimes get so involved we sat for a long time. It's a nice time for both of us to unwind and enjoy each other's company. Sure, I have my dinner pretty late at night. Of which we are trying to change so that I will get back to eating before seven. But for now, we're enjoying this time together. It's a joke that if someone asks how's married life, I'll tell them to look at my weight.

Flying now means I am no longer alone. My anxieties are shared with him. Although I still need a window and wing seat, I now have a hand to hold on to whenever I feel turbulence coming. In fact, on our last trip to Penang, I made sure he didn't get to sleep a wink in the plane because I needed distractions. 

What I am trying to share here is that, while there are many good days, there are bad ones too. Days when we just want to be by ourselves. When those days come by, I remind myself that He has gifted me the best person. The person I prayed for. I could still be alone and playing the field now, but I get to enjoy the fun of being together. 

Whenever I have a bad day, it's comforting to know that I will be coming home to someone who will hug me and tell me that it'll be better tomorrow. Whenever my spirits are low, it is nice to be recharged with stupid jokes made by my husband. 

Happy 1st Anniversary baby. 


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